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The ointment is very effective, yet also very gentle. Thousands of customers have used our products over many years with no adverse effects. More information …

All Natural

Our beard ointment is made from plant extracts. A tube typically last 4 - 6 months and costs just $59.95 More information



The product was developed in the UK and is marketed by Caloderm Ltd a private UK corporation. The technical development was carried out by someone who suffered from alopecia himself and dedicated many years of research refining the perfect product. Initially he did this for his family’s use and then eventually letting other people use it.

Beard patches ( alopecia barbae ) are effectively a subset of the auto-immune malfuction Alopecia Areata. Our initial work was in treating this condition, but as time went by, more and more men approached about their beard patches.

Having had years of experience treating some of the very difficult cases of alopecia shown on the right, we developed the recovery ointment specifically for those with beard patches and lost eyebrows.

The majority of our customers prefer to pay in USA Dollars, but our shopping cart can easily be converted to Stering or Euro at the press of a button.

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