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How to treat beard patches known as Alopecia Barbae

The first task is to establish whether Alopecia Barabae is the underlying cause of the beard patches.

Alopecia barbae is an immune malfunction which results in bald areas appearing on the face or neck. In simple terms the immune system gets confused and begins to attack the hair follicle thinking that it is an invader to the body. Some men have this problem before their beards start to grow and therefore assume that the patchy beard is genetic rather than something that can be solved.

alopecia barbae before treatment

alopecia barbae before treatment

The good news is that thousands of men have been able to reverse their alopecia barbae problems ( in just a few months) using our specially prepared products on their beard patches. To get a better idea of what such a patch may look like, click on the link below to enlarge the image. This shows what started off as a small patch that gradually got larger before it was treated with an inexpensive cream.

Alopecia barbae patch after treatment

Alopecia barbae  after treatment

Click on a picture to enlarge it.

This picture shows how strong the beard was after a few months of treatment.

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Alopecia Barbae is a sub-group of alopecia areata in which hair may also be lost on the scalp or other regions on the body. So it is common to see other areas being affected too. However, that does not mean that the patches will spread from the face to elsewhere.

Conventional medicine has had difficulty dealing with alopecia barabe because the immune system is incredibly complex. Traditional topical steroids have been used which aim to suppress the immune system in the area in which they are applied. However, because steroids can cause side effects, many people are wary of using them on the face.That is why we developed an effective, yet gentle, natural alternative.

Our Beard Recovery Ointment is a combination of plant extracts that many years of experience have shown to be beneficial in helping the immune system get back on track without trying to suppress it. Initially new coulorless fine hair appears, but within time this thickens up into normal hair.

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What to look for with alopecia barbae.

When the immune system attacks the hair follicle, as it does with alopecia barbae, there are effectively two assaults:

One on the hair producing mechanism that produces the beard patches and the second is of the colour producing mechanism of the facial hair. When hair starts to regrow, initially it is without colour and is baby fine.

Then, within time, it begins to thicken and regain its lost colour. Knowing this is important, because you could actually be seeing a recovery, but because initially it has little cosmetic value, wrongly assume the product in not working:

The following picture shows such a patch of alopecia barabe that is just starting this recovery . You will note that some hair in the patch is without colour, some is white on the tip and is darkening at the root. You will also note that some of the patch still has to switch the hair back on again - click here

Answers: Frequently Asked Questions about Alopecia Barbae

How quickly can I grow the hair back?

It typically takes around three months before our customers see regrowth on alopecia barbae patches. Some are faster than this and others take a little longer. It really depends on whether the alopecia barbae has stabilised or is still rampantly spreading before you start using the treatment.

Will this product help me grow a beard?

The ointment has been developed specifically to deal with auto-immune forms of facial hair loss. If you have always had a sparse beard or no facial hair the product will not help you grow a beard. There is one exception to this: If you have a regular beard yet one or two patches just never grew, it may be that the alopecia affected you before the beard started to grow. In these cases, it may be worth trying for a few months. If during that time you see any new regrowth, even very fine hair, it is a good indication that you have barbae.

Is it safe / what is in it?

The ingredients in Calosol facial recovery treatment are all natural and obtained from plants . Thousands have people have used our products with no adverse affects.

Does it ship in plain packaging?

All our packaging is plain and simple !

How can I be certain that I have alopecia ?

If you touch the patches and they are silky smooth, you can be reasonably certain that your have alopecia barabe. There are certain fungal infections that can cause patchy hair loss on the face, however, the skin is usually rough when there is a fungal infection like ringworm.

It follows that if the beard patches are smooth to touch, this product may help you. If they are rough, it is worth consulting a doctor to exclude fungal infection.

Can tooth infections cause this problem?

A recent study showed that there is some correlation between tooth infection and patchy alopecia. What we do know for certain is that the immune system gets confused and attacks the hair follicle. Any assault on the immune system can trigger the problem – including dental infections.

It would therefore be logical to book a dental check up when you are using the recovery ointment as a low grade infection running in the background could slow your recovery.

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